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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Promo Mix of Dimitri From Paris - Get Down With The Philly Sound 

Dimitri From Paris

Dimitri From Paris-35 min of Philly Sound PROMO by bbemusic

Streaming-only for this promo mix sorry to say even though Dimitri is talking all over it and its snippets anyway rendering it kind of worthless for bootleggers. This 2-CD set including one disc with the original versions sounds like its gonna be pretty monstrous though. Here's the official plug:

"BBE Records proudly presents its 5th and arguably most exciting compilation with the French dj and ambassador of disco, Dimitri from Paris. This compilation focuses on Dimitri’s essential disco era tracks - made in Philadelphia, that feature the core of the rhythm section that created and defined the sound of the genre. For this compilation Dimitri has exclusively reworked 5 tracks from the original multitrack tapes of Gamble and Huff with a further 4 being edited from the original 2 track stereo masters."

Click HERE for more info.

Alt. streaming link:

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