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Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Music from Prins Thomas' Debut Album 


This is FIYA! Let it ride for minute and let the groove sink in and eventually take you over. This may not be 100% on-point, but as rough points of reference, if you dig Air and The Phenomenal Handclap Band, you might could f-ck with this. Here's the official plug in case I'm just trainwrecking the pitch though:

"Prins Thomas is now intrinsically linked to the eclectic and often termed ‘cosmic-disco’ sounds emanating from his homeland, Norway. Alongside Hans-Peter Lindstrøm their eponymous debut album and follow up II have opened up their tripped out sounds to a whole new audience of music lovers. Having already garnered international acclaim for his own DJing skills the world over and with a staggeringly impressive remix CV it comes as some surprise that after all that music and after all these years, we now have Prins Thomas's debut solo album!"

Prins Thomas - Uggebugg [direct mp3 link]

Dig what you heard? BUY the Prins Thomas album HERE.

Online: Prins Thomas - myspace

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