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Friday, September 18, 2009

New music: Air - Love 2 (promo album preview sampler) 

Air,Love 2

Liking the sound of this. It's nothing new from Air per se but it does show that group members, Jean-Benoit Dunckel and Nicolas Godin have stayed on form if you've liked their previous work. Check it and see if you agree with me:

Air - Love 2 (promo album preview sampler) [mp3 audio links: yousendit | soundcloud stream/download]

Here's the tracklist for the sampler:

1. Do The Joy
2. Love
3. So Light Is Her Footfall
4. Tropical Disease
5. Sing Sang Sung
6. Kind

Love 2 is supposed to drop on October 6.

We might post a lot of the electronic and alternative stuff we've gotten recently today, so stick around if that's your bag or open your mind and check out something new even if its not. Also next week, we will run the final week of our 3-week Organized Konfusion/Poor Righteous Teachers ticket giveaway so stay tuned for that too.


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