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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Music video: Gorillaz - Stylo feat. Mos Def & Bobby Womack 

Dude to standard music label f-ckery, I can't embed the video here. Wack but fine, but you don't have an embed code up on Vevo (a site that the labels own), myspace, youtube or anywhere else the industry has already negotiated deals to get paid on video streaming. WTF?? I was gonna just embed the OnSmash version on some "F-ck you" sh-t, but I don't wanna antagonize these f-cking labels any more than I have to and I figure one extra click won't kill you guys. Watch the full video HERE.

Here's the plug (as if you give f-ck!):

"The video follows Gorillaz bass playing demigod Murdoc Niccals through a dangerous trip to the mainland from his new home on Plastic Beach - the namesake of the new record. Something goes badly wrong and Murdoc, guitarist/Cyborg Noodle and vocalist 2D end up in a high speed car chase with a local cop and an unknown assailant. Cyborg Noodle's circuits start failing and 2D fears for their lives as the gun toting bounty hunter draws ever closer...

Mighty Murdoc remembers, "Someone was chasing me through the desert! Luckily I had my camera crew following me and they captured it all on film, so I've cut it up and stuck it back together for my Stylo video! That'll learn me not to leave the safe, toxic, isolated haven of Plastic Beach..."

Murdoc's new stomping grounds can now be thoroughly explored with the launch of relocated from the now defunct Kong Studios (RIP) to the band's newly constructed island hideaway at Plastic Beach.

Stylo is directed by Jamie Hewlett and produced by Cara Speller for Zombie Flesh Eaters, with live action through HSI Productions in Los Angeles, and animation by Passion Pictures in London.

Plastic Beach will be released by Parlophone in the UK on March 8th; Stylo is available for download now."


Gorillaz feat. De La Soul
- “Superfast Jellyfish” [usershare mp3 links: stream | download]

Listen to the full Plastic Beach album streaming HERE.

[mp3 and album stream links via Nah Right]

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