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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Video: White UC San Diego Students Hold Racist 'Compton Cookout' Party for Black History Month 

The only sure things in life are death and taxes. For black folk add, higher odds that you'll be shot by the police under dubious circumstances and that privileged white college kids will mock you with demeaning and racist minstrel or costume parties. To paraphrase Ice Cube, "[Even if we're in the 'post-racial' Obama era], here's what they think about us."

More via NBC San Diego:

- 'Compton Cookout' Creates Campus Uproar.

- Racial Tensions Boil at UCSD - UCSD’s Student Run Television (SRTV) was shut down Friday after a student allegedly called the protesters "ungrateful n-----s" to describe students who complained about the recent “Compton Cookout” controversy, according to a source at the university. <-- Wow....

- 'Compton Cookout' Flares Into Political Fireball - State lawmakers urge explulsions for racially offensive event.

- Another Invite Mocking Other 'Cultural Stereotypes' Surfaces at UCSD. <-- Congratulations, Mike Randazzo of UCSD, you are officially the stupidest person in America today! [NBC San Diego]

But Ron Burgundy, one of the city's most famous news media figures, probably said it best: You stay classy, San Diego! :/

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