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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Throwback music: BackBeats - 15 years of Disco, House & Soul 


Paris - I Choose You by Different Kitchen | Alt. mp3 download link: Mediafire

Throwback rare groove music (soul, funk, R&B and disco) ALWAYS gets love around these parts. Check the science:

"This is a gem for all Disco, House and Soul fanatics. BackBeats are 15 years young and have picked their favourite record, “I choose you” by Paris to share with listeners for free from their upcoming new compilation, Back To My Place Baby - 70s & 80s Seductive Soul. The first 10 albums in the Backbeats series have been designed by veteran music compiler, Ian Dewhirst, perhaps best known for the ground-breaking Mastercuts series in the early 90s – a series which redefined the landscape of the compilation market. All releases from the compilations are taken directly from the original 12” of each artist."

Dig what you hear? BUY the whole album via iTunes HERE.


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