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Friday, February 19, 2010

Music video: Spec Boogie - Bed Stuy 

But I gotta represent for my BK peoples too. Shout to all my fellow Bed-Stuy representers, Ro, Roberta, Ndidi, Enuma, Erica, Bel, Bobbit, Delmar, Agallah and Combat Jack and anyone I may have forgotten. All my Bedford & Fulton Aves. massive, REPRESENT!!!! (Video directed by Ali Santana, Photos by Robert Cave Sr. and beat produced by Von Pea of Tanya Morgan.)

Spec Boogie - "Bed Stuy" [userhsare mp3 links: stream | download]


- "That's Brooklyn (Skit)" [usershare mp3 links: stream | download]

Bekay - "Brooklyn bridge" feat. Masta Ace [usershare mp3 links: stream | download]

Both these tracks from the very underrated Hunger Pains album. That skit's so accurate about Brooklyn, its nuts. Like I said on twitter too, this dude's been slept on CRAZY but everyone's jockin' Asher Roth?? WTF??


Spec Boogie
- twitter | myspace

Bekay - twitter | myspace

[mp3 via Nah Right / video via TRF]

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