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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Music video: Kanye West - Coldest Winter 

Dude's still making videos from 808's & Heartbreak?? Why?? I hope Def jam ain't paying for this fiscal f-ckery. I heard Jay is still trying to shoot videos from BP3 too! Great for fans, terrible for the music business. Maybe Google can save the day?? *Smh....*

Video directed by Nabil Elderkin. BUY it on iTunes HERE.


Speaking of music industry fiscal f-ckery...

Here's Eskay's take on this ridiculous new Shyne record deal with Def Jam. <--100% co-sign him (except I think he'll probably do more than 30K first week based on marketplace curiosity but then will flame out quickly anyway)!!!! Stop the madness though and stop pretending like all the music biz's owes are related to online piracy.


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