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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Video: Joell Ortiz & Cory Gunz - the Recording of Line Em Up 

I don't normally post these kind of in-the-studio clips but this one is pretty cool. Joell and Gunz are working with a Canadian producer named Frank Dukes (who.he??) who's got a lot of fiya based on the beats they pass on before locking in on a real heater that they write too. I've been kind of semi on Gunz despite all the blog hype he's gotten over the past few year (still no official single or album over all this time?? C'mon son!), but he definitely made me a believer with this clip, at least in terms of his mic skills - he's MURDERING that beat. Agree?

Download the track:

Joell Ortiz & Cory Gunz - "Line Em Up" [usershare mp3 links: stream | download]

[via TRF]

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