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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Throwback video: Bad Meaning Good UK Hip Hop Documentary (Full Version) 

So I'm antiquarian, huh? OK, if that's the case, I'ma go all the way in with it. Check this amazing 1987 documentary on the UK hip hop scene that I discovered while checking out some old video clips of the late, great UK hip hop pioneer, Derek B. It features Tim Westwood, Trevor Nelson, London Posse, Cookie Crew and the Wee Papa Girl Rappers amongst others.


Derek B, R.I.P. - if you're thinking, UK rapper: who cares? This dude is essentially the Godfather of Southern bounce music with his Brown Beat (bka "Rock the Beat")! Ask Mannie Fresh.

Home Grown: the Story of UK Hip Hop. [via Semtex]

Finally: check out Pitchfork (I know...) on dubstep, grime and UK Funky.

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