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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Remixes of Tracks from Wale's Attention: Deficit Album 


To celebrate the release of Wale's major label debut album today, here's a couple club music remixes of tracks by him, one a B'more club take on a track from his debut 100 Miles and Runnin' mixtape and the other of a track from the new Attention: Deficit album:

Wale"Good Girls (DJ Jonny Blaze Bmore Club Remix)" [via The Couch Sessions]

Wale feat. Lady Gaga
"Chillin (Top Billin UK remix)" [via Kickin' the Peanuts]

BTW: I think Attention: Deficit is a fantastic album and I'm not even from the DMV! On top of that, I wasn't always a Wale believer either. In fact I thought the Mixtape About Nothing was way overrated & over-hyped but the Back to the Feature mixtape turned me around (pause) and the album itself delivers: a complete listen top-to-bottom with virtually no rewind material, great production, real songs with melodies, hooks and concepts and good spit game from Wale that's not just all swaggerific throwaways. I asked on twitter which debut was better: Wale or Cudi's? Obviously I'm biased 'cos I don't love Cudi's album too tough (although I will admit, its grown on me) but only one dude there has really engaged me in a discussion on the topic so I open it up here even though getting people to comment on this site is like pulling teeth. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


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