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Saturday, November 21, 2009

New music: 50 cent - "Do You Think About Me" 

New video:

And Live on Jimmy Kimmel:

As I mused on twitter, 50 delivers arguably the second best album of his major label career and it bricks. And Wale bricks with what I think is a tremendous debut album for him? WTF is going on?

I could try to make an argument about label marketing might triumphing over artistic merit nowadays but both these dudes are signed to Interscope, the record label that has come to epitomize the modern major label 'machine' and all the promotion & marketing resources that implies. Besides, they both had really solid marketing pushes for their album launches from what I could tell so either I'm off in my judgment of the music (and I don't think I am), Interscope fell off or there's something else going on here. Rizoh has some theories on what happened to Wale and Eskay gloats about comments on the 50 situation here.

So here comes 50's new single. I love this song, its R&B/hip hop done right to my ears, but momentum seems to be going against 50 at this point and I don't see this song turning it around for him. Disagree?

[video links via PDS]

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