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Sunday, November 22, 2009

New mixtape: Sparkle Motion - Flight School Vol. 2 

DJ Tobes,Sparkle Motion - Flight School 2

Following up from the excellent Flight School Vol. 1:

"On the return flight from Vol. 1, the duo [DJ Yoda and Tobe$] is back with another hour 80’s R&B breaks, from uptempo boogies to slow drag joints you used to straight groove to, hip-to-hip with a honeydip who smelled just like TCB and watermelon Jolly Ranchers. I asked TOBE$ for a tracklisting and real brilliant-like, he told me “No tracklist; trust us.” And with that, I’m decided to let the pilot fly the plane and do the damn thang."

I ain't even gonna be mad that Tobes sent me the artwork a few weeks back but then never sent me the actual link to the tape so I only found out it had dropped when I was on The Smoking Section! OK, maybe a little mad. :/

Download Sparkle Motion - Flight School Vol. 2 HERE. [sharebee link]

[via TSS]


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