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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Video: The Ranger$ - Jerkin’ Is A Habit Vol. 1 (preview trailer) 

Ok we examined a few of the pillars of hip hop culture. Now let's get back to featuring some kids who represent the latest in and the future of hip hop music & culture:

"Starting out as a dance crew, The Ranger$ began posting up their Jerk videos to YouTube and the craze that is Jerk Music thus began. With their channel being viewed over 8 million times, the argument can easily be made that the video featuring their Jerk moves to the tune of the New Boyz “You’re a Jerk!” helped the movement break the glass ceiling.

Now it’s their time with the release of their first project
Jerkin’ Is A Habit Vol. 1 In Stores November 10th. With a full length album featuring some of the hottest names in the Jerk movement (Baby Dollz, JHawk, Indigo Vanity, Cliff Savage, Yong 3rd and more) the package also contains a 3 hour DVD of Behind the Scenes footage, Classic YouTube Videos and even Lessons on how to Jerk dance by the Ranger$ themselves.

Very few hip hop fans and critics remember that there are 4 elements of Hip Hop. Rapping, DJing, Graffiti and Dancing. In the midst of the gangsta movement that catapulted Hip Hop into the next realm, several of the elements seemed to fall on the wayside. Until the last few years, Hip hop dancing had yet to be embraced once again by the masses.

The Ranger$ Jerkin’ Is A Habit Vol. 1 is out on Nov. 10th.


The Ranger$
- website | myspace

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