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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Video: David Banner on the postponement of today's "Something is Wrong" Rally & Video shoot 


David Banners Heal the Hood Foundation & postpones “Something’s Wrong” Community Rally to Mid November in hopes of greater support to combat Violence in Chicago

October 19th, 2009 (Chicago, IL) Due to the overwhelming response, safety issues and the unexpected anticipated number of attendance, “Something’s Wrong,” community rally has been postponed to mid-November.

The event was expected to attract 500-700 attendees but superseded the expectation in such a short time frame. Other issues that involved certain people within community organizations and activists sparked major open dialogue among the participating Chicago celebrities and artists including Twista, Malik Yusef, Naledge, Tiffany of Bad Girls Club, J-Niice (B-96), to go back to the drawing board and gather a greater support through out the City of Chicago, major corporations and as well as major community influences.

Founder of Heal The Hood Foundation David Banner, responded saying, “this is a movement not to condemn kids or any organizations but the safety of the kids is my biggest concern, we want to stay on task and continue what we’ve started, we want everyone to have the opportunity to contribute.”

The major influence of this event has ignited a call to action, in gathering suggestions in how to move forward. An email and website will be setup for input, ideas and linkages for organizations, activists, the city of Chicago, students and parents to get involved and create a greater perspective and unity within Chicago.

All suggestions, comments and concerns can be addressed and emailed to:



David Banner
- "Something Is Wrong (Remix)" feat. Rhymefest, Naledge & Twista [via HERE]

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