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Monday, October 19, 2009

CMJ 2009: A List of Some Selected Parties and Shows 


The 2009 CMJ Festival is here. A bunch of my friends and people who do business with this blog are throwing showcases or parties.

I posted a bunch of flyers for events over the weekend but, it was the weekend so I know some of you probably missed them.

Here's the rundown with a couple other things thrown in for good measure:

Oct. 19 [TONIGHT!!!!]'s The Warm-Up CMJ 2009 Showcase

Oct. 20

Breyking x YUME present Soundcheck 2.0 with Harlem Cash, Children of the Night, Prophit and more....

Brooklyn Bodega x YUME presents the 'Something for the Ladies' October 2009 Show and Prove Hip Hop Showcase.

FRANKRADIO x ihiphop The Future is Frank CMJ Showcase At Southpaw Brooklyn with U-God, Grand Puba, Wiz Khalifa, Trouble Andrew and more.

Myspace & Digiwaxx Presents: The Clipse Live for CMJ 2009

Oct. 21*

Afro Punk Presents Saul Williams & Guests (Sponsored By Converse)

The Brooklyn Bodega 2009 CMJ Showcase <-- this is my peoples, check it out!

Fool's Gold CMJ Showcase/2nd Anniversary Party {also Oct. 22] <-- but this is my peoples too! uh-oh...

Nah Right x OnSMASH present the Better Recognize CMJ 2009 Showcase <-- blog power! present The Chops with Adam Tensta, Kapt 10 Kurt and more live on stage. <-- Grindin' fam'!

Shanghai'd: CMJ Showcases at 88 Palace [note: events every night through Oct. 23]

Oct. 22

Audible Treats CMJ '09 Showcase <-- also my peoples!

Puma Presents: The Elitaste x NUE Agency CMJ Showcase

Oct. 23

Neon Gold Records x Chess Club x present New Shapes, an early evening jump (3-10pm) with Theophilus London and much more at Santos Party House. <-- Neon Gold is Grindin' fam' too!

Oct. 24

Creme de la Creme CMJ Showcase 2009

Duck Down CMJ 2009 Showcase

Oct. 25

Not striclty CMJ-related but worth sticking around and checking for you out-of-towners: FREE Girl Talk Show with OJ Da Juiceman & Wacka Flacka.

* Why the f-ck did everyone schedule their sh-t on Wednesday but there's (virtually) nothing on Friday (for the evening that has been sent to me at least, that is...)??

Note: If you're doing an event featuring acts that fit the scope of this blog, feel free to email me and I'll try to add it. Offering free tickets for me to give away to readers and/or some free music will make it slightly me more enticing although I'm gonna be a bit busy so I may still miss your email even if you offer up some swag!


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