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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Baatin of Slum Village, R.I.P. 

Waajeed,Baatin,slum village

I know I'm way late at this point and I only got motivated to do this in the end, partially out of guilt after realizing I had done mulitple posts on the passing of Mr. Magic and now this memorial post for Saigon's mother just moments ago.

But after I had initially promised to do a tribute post for the passing of Baatin from Slum Village, I realized that as much as I love their music, I never really knew that much about any of the members of the group, much less Baatin. So I'm gonna simply leave it at this: as much as haters used to knock the group for having great beats but being light on the lyicial tip (hmm...), you know what: you can still listen to Fantastic Vol. 2 all these years later and it sounds as fresh today as the day it came out. On top of that, many missed his absence on what was the (in my opinion) still-excellent Detroit Deli album.

One other thing's for sure though: with the passing of Dilla and now Baatin, we will never again have the version of the Slum that gave us Fanatstic Vol. 2 and that alone is a sad thing....

Here are some more tributes for Baatin from around the hip hop blogging interwebs:

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GhostlyCast (Ghostly Records Podcast) #26: Tribute to Baatin - mixed by Waajeed of Triple P: odeo stream | direct mp3 [right click and save as via Ghostly Int'l]

The Slum Village Baatin/Dilla Tribute T-Shirt. [Kevin Nottinhgam]

Slum Village - "Actin’ Normal" video. [iLuvLova] <-- last video with Baatin!

Video of T3 speaking about why Baatin had to be a part of the new Slum Village album (as well as his upcoming solo project). [via Nah Right]

The T3 and Elzhi-edition of the Slum speaking on Baatin in the track, "Reunion" from Detroit Deli:

Reunion - Slum Village Featuring J Dilla

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