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Monday, September 21, 2009

PBS Documentary scored by Blitz the Ambassador premieres TOMORROW! 

My dude, Blitz is blowing up! Here's the backgrounder:

"Tomorrow at 10:00PM EST, an original score composed by Ghanaian-American hip-hop artist/producer Blitz the Ambassador will be featured in PBS Network's POV Series documentary, Bronx Princess. The stirring film spotlights a Bronx-bred teenager, Rocky Otoo, who leaves her mother in New York City to reunite with her father, a chief in her native Ghana. The film is anchored by an original, infectious West African "high-life" score composed by Blitz and performed by The Embassy Ensemble, the Afrobeat-inspired band that accompanies Blitz live in concert.

Bronx Princess is part of PBS' award-winning POV Documentary series, the longest-running televised showcase for independent non-fiction films. The POV series is celebrated for its intimate storytelling and ability to put a human face on social issues."

Check out Blitz talking about scoring, Bronx Princess:

And here's a trailer for Bronx Princess:


Click here more info: PBS POV - Bronx Princess

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