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Friday, September 11, 2009

Never forget: September 11, 2001 

You know, I thought the passage of time would allow the memories of 9/11 to recede into the ether of my mind, but I have to admit that walking around downtown Toronto last weekend hearing & seeing the jets from the CNE airshow whizzing around buidlings and the CN Tower at crazy low levels kind of freaked me out.

Everyone else seemed completely oblivious (albeit maybe slightly annoyed by the noise) as they should have been. I mean, I used to love airshows too but the feeling I got hearing those jets made me realize that the fear or trepidation I had that something terrible was imminent even when common sense and evidence was to the contrary, was probably never gonna ever go away completely.

While I was not in Manhattan that fateful day eight years ago (I got a late start for work from my crib in Brooklyn as usual and never did make it into the city in the end and watched the whole horror of the day unfold on TV like I was a thousand miles away and not a 7 minute, 4 mile drive away like I actually was), I now realize I was as affected by the 9/11 attacks just as surely as if I'd run for my life from those burning towers.

I could try to dig deep in myself to search for something more profound to say about the whole thing on this date, or get political as you know I like to do every once in a while on this site, but instead I think urging everyone to acknowledge the day with some sort of service as was outlined in the link I posted earlier would be a nice way honor this anniversary and the memory of those who lost their lives in the attacks. And may God bring comfort to the families, friends & loved ones who continue to mourn their losss.


9/11 - Make History


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