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Saturday, September 12, 2009

MC Sundance of the Jazzy Five becomes the 2,752nd Victim of the 9/11 Attacks 

Leon Heyward,Jazzy five

From The New York Times:

"Leon Heyward emerged from the subway just as the second plane struck, piercing the south tower. As others fled, he helped evacuate disabled employees from 42 Broadway, where he worked for the city’s Department of Consumer Affairs, and when the first tower fell, he was caught in the churning plume of contaminated dust and smoke.

Within months he started to feel sick. A father of two who prided himself on being fit, Mr. Heyward found himself overcome with fatigue. He had seizures; his memory slipped.

Mr. Heyward was known by many in the music world by another name, MC Sundance, a member of the Jazzy Five, one of the first rap groups to form in the South Bronx in the 1970s. He liked to work out and play basketball, and landed a job with the city.

Last October, after developing lymphoma, Mr. Heyward died at age 45 in the Bronx, where he was born. He became, officially, the latest casualty of the Sept. 11 terror attack, and just after 10 on a gusty, dreary Friday morning, the name Leon Bernard Heyward was read for the first time at ground zero as the nation paused again to remember its losses."

Click here for the full article. [via my dude, Jeremy]

Wonder if Jay acknowledged him at the show last night??

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