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Monday, September 14, 2009

Coming September 21: Brick City, the Documentary 

Brick City documentary,Corey Booker,Sundance

Are you gonna watch the Brick City documentary? I know you are because you listen to hip hop because its so 'real' and 'authentic', right? Well if that's one of your main criteria for your media consumption decisions, then you need to get at this Sundance channel documentary series, executive produced by Forest Whitaker and filmmakers Marc Levin & Mark Benjamin, stat when it premieres next Monday (Sept. 21).

I checked out the first two episodes on DVD and have to say, if you dug The Wire, you need to watch Brick City for the flipside: a real-life portrayal of the fight to save a modern urban metropolis, in this case Newark, NJ (nicknamed 'Brick City' for those of you not from NJ or fans of Redman FYI), not Baltimore.

The primary focus is on Corey Booker, the young, charismatic Black mayor of Newark and a politician many had tipped to possibly become the first Black president before the rise of Barack Obama. Brick City also looks at Newark from other perspectives too though, including the Chief of Police, gang members, local activists, community organizers and others. Sh-t is pretty raw & uncut in parts but compelling viewing nonetheless.

Check out some clips and behind-the-scenes webisodes from the first 3 episodes:

Episdoe 1 - Jayda and Creep
A look at Jada, a longtime Blood gang member and her romance with Creep who is a member o the rival crip gang. [previously featured here]

Episode 2 - Jiwe
Jiwe, a long time Bloods member and aurthor of War of the Bloods in My Veins, is rying to influence the young generation of Newark to choose a different path for themselves.

Episode 3 - Mayor Booker at the State of the City
Mayor Cory Booker proclaiming his hopes and praises of Newark's future at the "State of the City 2009.


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