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Monday, August 10, 2009

New from T-Pain and the Nappy Boy Entertainment crew 

First, the "Every Girl (remix)" video by The NB All Stars (T-Pain, Young Cash, Tay Dizm & Travis McCoy) directed by the poor man's Rik Cordero, Jordan Tower. Watch the actually not too bad clip and soak in the irony of it being labeled 'untagged' on youtube.


Young Cash (with T-Pain) from the NB All-Star's new single:

Young Cash feat. T-Pain
- "I Support Single Mothers" [mp3 download links: sharebee | yousendit]

Wow! No words, seriously! Is this coonery or all in good fun? Somebody weigh in here 'cos honestly I'm not even sure how I should feel about that one...


Young Cash
- myspace | twitter

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