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Sunday, August 30, 2009

How well was Only Bulit 4 Cuban Linx Pt. II marketed?? 

I'm really curious to see how this latest test of the 'power of the internet' for hip hop goes because I have to admit that, as far as viral & online marketing goes, there's really not much more Raekwon's label could have done to get the word out about the release of the long-anticipated OB4CLII.

Blogger and website support has been high; music has been been leaked and well-received from singles to mixtapes. All kinds of videos, interviews, BTS & trailers for multiple songs, have circulated around. Unfortunately, I still think you need a traditional hit in the real world of radio and television to put up any kind of real sales numbers and as far as I'm aware, Rae does not have that? Given that reality, my prediction is that he'll do better than Slaughterhouse but somewhere far short of Fabolous. Approaching Jada numbers (which were a freakish anomaly IMHO) is not even a discussion unless something really weird happens between now and September:



Preview the OB4CLII album via here:

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