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Saturday, August 22, 2009

New music: Slaughterhouse Freestyle on Hot 97 


This was recorded a couple days ago on the Hot 97 NY morning show with Cipha Sounds, Rosenberg & K Foxx.

Slaughterhouse - "Hot 97 Freestyle" [sendspace via Lo @ M3]


Some reaction to Slaugherhouse's first week sales (18,000 units) from around the hip hop internets:

5 Reasons Why Slaughterhouse “Failed.” [Audible Hype]

Slaughtered House [The Smoking Section]

Laughter House [Hip Hop Is Read]

For the record, as I said here, I think their first week sales were actually pretty good for them. I mean, c'mon: non of these dudes are proven commerical entities except for Joe Budden who had a semi-hit album five years ago but whose profile since then has completely diminished except for within super-underground hip hop circles. Anyone who thought they were gonna do much better than they did was kind of deluded. Sorry, Dallas!


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