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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Healthcare Round-Up Part I 

President Obama's Weekly Address on the 'Myths and Morality in Health Insurance Reform':

[via Hip Hop is Read]


President Obama Op-Ed: Why We Need Health Care Reform. [NY Times]

Rap. Barney Frank sons one of these idiot anti-reform Townhall attendees who equates reform with Nazism! More on this via Videogum


Obama's 10 Leadership Mistakes (And How Not to Make Them). <-- Agree? At least we know Barney Frank gets it! [Harvard Business School blog]

The Health Insurers Have Already Won - "How UnitedHealth and rival carriers, maneuvering behind the scenes in Washington, shaped health-care reform for their own benefit" [via Grand Good. The Democracy Now video interviewing one of the co-authors of this article to be posted in Part II]

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