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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Canadian Mixtape Wrap-Up 

Empire - Nas Tribute mixtape:


Mixed by DJ Law. Download the Nas Tribute mixtape now here: sendspace.

George Reefah - Clear and Present Danger mixtape:


Dude's from the but supposedly been living in Brooklyn for a couple years working but I never heard or seen anything from him while I was there before now.

Download his mixtape here though: zshare. Back cover with tracklisting here. [via George Reefah]

Rich Kidd - We On Some Rich Kidd Sh*t 3:

We On Some Rich Kid Sh*t 3

Download it here: zipfile [right click and save as] | sendspace | sharebee. [via Real Frequency / Rich Kidd]

4Korners DJ's and Maximus press Bigness - The Mixtape official Caribana mix CD:


Promoting the Bigness Caribana party (late pass!). Download it here: zshare. [via I Luv Lola]

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