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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

New music: Bathgate - "Pockets Full of Money" 

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Long time readers know I've been a fan of this kid for a long time to the point where a few years back I put my money where my mouth was and put a 12" out on him (in the last days of when vinyl still meant anything). Here's a new track from Harlem's most underrated produced by J Buttah:

Bathgate - "Pockets Full of Money" [zshare stream/download mp3 links: Original | Radio]

From the forthcoming Substance Abuse (or is that the Hard Candy?) album.


Bathgate - MySpace | Website


- "Obama (freestyle)" [zhsare stream/download mp3 link]

All these rappers doing joints for Obama, his poll numbers dropping. Coincidence? Despite what Jay Smooth argues, probably not.

[h/t both songs: Jessie]

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