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Monday, November 27, 2006

Hip Hop Is Dead is Coming... 

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But this DJ Dirty Harry produced collab with Lauryn Hill from his Living Legends mixtape (which I've spotlighted before) isn't on it (but should be): "It Wasn't You" [YSI | Zshare stream/download]

Nor is his "Blood Diamond" track from the movie soundtrack of the same name.

Or the new remix of Diddy's "Everything I Love" feat. Nas, Cee-Lo & Jadakiss: YSI | Zshare stream/download (thanks to my dun-dun James C on this one).

Bonus: DJ Wrekk 1's interview with Nas on all the recent beef he and bossman Hov have been entangled in recently: YSI | zshare stream/download.

people might have questioned Nas' jump to Def Jam but it looks like he truly is Nastradamus who jumped off the Sony Urban trainwreck just in time!

More on Nas: official website | MySpace | Buy Living Legends (mixtape), Press Play & Hip Hop is Dead

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