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Monday, March 09, 2009

Notorious - "Life after Death" The Mixtape Movie 

Notes on the video:

"Every year at this time, the hip hop community takes a moment to commemorate the life, the genius, and the legacy of the Notorious BIG. This year, in honor of the late great emcee, Draze salutes Brooklyn's finest with a Mixtape Movie titled, "The Notorious, Life after Death" featuring DJ B Mello.

In his own words Draze says, " I've always been a Biggie fan, so this was my way of paying homage. I tried to channel his energy as best I could. The greatest honor for me was hearing someone say it was even half way believable."

Never short on Cameo appearances, this MixtapeMovie promises to deliver its fair share of gossip and barber shop talk. With this video Draze channels Biggie and ponders the question "what if" Frank White could get one day with his loved ones and the city he carried on his back? What would he think of hip hop, how would he address the women in his life ( Lil Kim, Faith), and what would he think of long time friends, Diddy and Jay Z reaching mogul status?

Many have speculated as to what the original King of NY would say... Well today, I think we are getting a glimpse

An interesting conceptual exercise at least...


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