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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

George W. Bush: deserter, failed Commander-in-Chief and liar..... 

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I got the following message by email from Alicia M. a few days ago in response to my "Grand Theft America" post:
I've been looking @ your site for months now, and from the first time I saw it it had me hooked. Anyways, that GTA bit got me a little emotional and I'm not even political. Just to think how muthaf--kas get over. Just saying thanks for posting that link, and I rarely even read through your political section, but I came across that for a reason I suppose. This will be my first year voting ( and I really didn't want to). But now I'm reminded of the reason for voting, cause those that need guidance and support from the "government" won't get it from people that run scams....
which was great to see but disheartening at the same time because it confirmed what I've long suspected from the endless goose eggs lacing the comments section of my news posts : that heads are skipping right by them.

Yo, I love to get new Nas and bootleg Kanye mp3's as much as the next guy but (and I'm in preacher mode right now 'cos I'm feeling this so much) I urge y'all to give this part of the site at least a quick read also because sh1t is so real right now, it's bananas. Heads need to know what's really good with the man running their country. Get informed and be ready to vote for change in November because

For those already knowing, cool. I hope you do the right thing (no pun intended there) on November 2. For those who only care about when the latest Bapester sneakers are dropping or who Ma$e is collabing with now, fall back and keep reading.....

1000. (BBC News)

I swear to God, it's like the Keystone Cops over there in Iraq right now. (The Washington Post)

Conservative columnist Fareed Zakaria puts Bush on blast for his Iraq & Afghanistan foreign policy:
The problem with the president's speech was not the lofty goals he outlined, but the fact that his policies are not actually moving us any closer to achieving them. It's true that a democratic Afghanistan and Iraq would be powerful, progressive forces in the Muslim world. But our postwar policies in both places have done little to make that likely. We do not help democracy take root in Afghanistan by ceding large parts of the country to warlords and drug dealers. We have not helped democracy in Iraq by destroying the old order with no idea of what to do next.
From "A Vision, and Little Else" (Newsweek)

More on Iraq: The Bungled Transition from The New York Review of Books by Peter W. Galbraith.

And don't get it twisted, no-one will say as much but, because of Bush & co.'s f-cked up strategies, the US is losing the Iraq War.

And can't even correctly execute the war on terrorism on the home front either. (Newsday | Related: The Times' take)

Commander-in-Chief? F-ck a Swift Boat Vets for Truth, here's the real on Bush's 1972 "tour of duty" in the Alabama National Guard. (The Guardian)


- President Bush claims that in the fall of 1972, he fulfilled his Air National Guard duties at a base in Alabama. But Bob Mintz was there - and he is sure Mr. Bush wasn't. From Nichholas D. Kristof's New York Times Op-Ed "Missing in Action."

- Texans for Truth

- The "Texans for Truth" TV ad: Win Hi | Lo Quicktime: Hi | Lo

And see, George, it's not that hard to admit your mistakes. Even Putin can do it. (The Washington Post)

Young 'uns, now that you're reading, pay attention, this one applies to you directly like a muh'f-cker:
There are huge personal and social costs to [individual Social Security accounts]: giving up a guaranteed benefit and cutting holes in our nation's most important safety net. You can't decide if private accounts are better than what we've got until you see the price. The Devil is in the details we haven't yet seen. How do we pay today's beneficiaries if workers put some of their Social Security taxes into individual accounts? The gap—we're talking at least a trillion dollars [emphasis added]—has to be filled somehow. The budget surpluses that Bush inherited are long gone, so where's the money going to come from? Huge government borrowings, massive cuts in other programs or raising taxes.

And private accounts don't address Social Security's long-term shortfall: projected revenues are about 30 percent below projected costs. Bringing Social Security into balance while letting people put some Social Security tax into private accounts implies a cut of at least 50 percent in the government's payment to future retirees.
Alan Sloan on the real cost of private social security accounts, a key foundation of the vaunted "Ownership Society" touted by Bush in his RNC address last week. (Newsweek)

Oh and by the way, if the tax implications of privatized Social Security is too arcane or distant an issue for you to grasp right now, the draft is probably coming back as well, but no-one's gonna tell tell you that until it's probably too late and you're taking incoming from insurgents on the outskirts of Fallujah.

Here's one last comment on events from the RNC: everyone, not just gay people should be offended by Sheri Drew and Donnie McClurkin's misguided and hateful comments last week. (Newsday)

So if I haven't been clear enough today (yet again): Bush has got to go, but will he try to steal Election 2004 too to hold onto power? (The Washington Post)

But still not convinced though? Read Bush by numbers: Four years of double standards. (Independent)

I'm trying to help turn the tide with this blog, but Citizen Diddy is gonna be a whole lot more effective than me so I'ma ride with my man as long as I can. (The Washington Post)

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