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Thursday, September 02, 2004

More RNC/GOP madness.... 

GOP newsmakers this week!

"Benedict Miller" exceeded all expectations but will the DNC's, so far, super-wack "Rapid Response" Team be as on point as (Newsday)

I had to laugh at some Miller's lines and Mitt Romney got off a funny Heinz ketchup reference but I really wish the GOP had scheduled Alan Keyes as a speaker. Now that would have been really entertaining. (The Boston Globe | Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Non-veteran Karl Rove should be ashamed of himself as should the GOP leadership. (The New York Times | | Related: Seattle Post Intelligencer Op-ed on the the Karl Rove-Swift Boat connect.)

Another semi-admission of Iraq war mistakes, this time courtesy of Colin Powell. (Radio Free Europe)

Grand Theft America: I've said before I recommend you watch Unprecedented to learn how the GOP stole the 2000 Election in Florida but if you don't have time to watch it, peep this flash video which will sum it for you almost as well.

July jobs announcement tomorrow. I.cannot.wait.

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