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Friday, June 11, 2004

America loses a National Treasure 

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So today is a National Day of Mourning for...

Ray Charles who passed away yesterday.

If you don't know why this man is a legend and, like Sir Coxsone, a pillar in the history of modern popular music culture, you need, as Ghostface says, to stay in school, son. This man played an essential role in the creation of soul music and recorded some of the most seminal music in R&B, Gospel, Jazz, Blues and even Country music. If you're not knowing, here a couple links for you to begin with:

- Music genius was father of soul: Charles overcame drugs, poverty, blindness to become a legend and one of the most important artists of the last century. (Toronto Star)

- Chris Heard on the "Lasting influence of legend Charles": Charles belonged to a pioneering generation of artists that had a huge influence on the course of rock and pop music. (BBC News)

- More Ray Charles links courtesy of Aaron's pop (all love) blog.

While on almost the complete opposite side of the music spectrum, what's really good with this new MOP album featuring rock versions of their old material? Looking at the track sequence, how does this album not feature "Ante Up", probably their most rock n roll track ever?

I always liked Kurupt and thought this album was pretty slept on, but it must be a slow month in hip hop if he's on the cover of The Source this month.

But on the other hand, how hot is the current cover of Vibe featuring Brandy?

Speaking of Vibe, spotted on their website: the Terror Squad "Lean Back" video.

Thanks to everyone who came through to Different Kitchen last night including my man Patrick who was also at "move on up!" in Toronto on Saturday. Now that's a real fan. Despite some serious technical difficulties, all the guest DJs did a great job including Taj who showed the same impeccable taste in hip hop and soul music during his DJ set as on his Ascensions website. Virtu's Tom Ryan and Caesar Gomez both spun some quality house to keep things eclectic throughout the evening. The next DK party is tentatively scheduled for July 8.

And finally, I can't make it, but I hope all all my Boricuas and everyone else who'll be on Fifth Ave. on Sunday have a good time.

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