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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Two New Tracks from Matt Reeves 


I'm really diggin' this guy. Y'all say you want real, 'regular guy' hip hop? Then check out this new cat from Staten Island. I mean this in a good way when I say he's almost pathological abut being truthful and celebrating his regular guy roots in his music but I f-cks with it - we need more of that in hip hop. Even some of these so-called 'emo' rappers that I dig (or, at least appreciate) like Wale, Cudi and Kanye who supposedly celebrate regular guy themes in their music are, at the end of the day, really hipster rock stars whose lives, as they portray them in their rhymes, are unrelatable on many levels for most people.

Check out Reeves over Rozay's "Mayback Music 2" beat and the Drake, Bun B & Lil Wayne joint, "Uptown" from the mixtape version of the So Far Gone mixtape:

Matt Reeves
- "Malibu Music":

Matt Reeves - "It's Ok (Stand Alone City)":

Both track from his forthcoming Get Rich or Die Trying mixtape. Matt & Alvin: forget dying to get signed to some label - just do this sh-t yourself! What's a label gonna do for you in 2010 that you can't do for yourself?! Side note: I've come to the conclusion that "Maybach Music 2" is one of the best (if not, the best) hip hop beats of the last five years. The production is just epic - like if Gil Evans had decided to do hip hop.

Check out music videos from Matt Reeves previously on The Kitchen HERE and HERE.


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