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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Throwback Music: Fela Kuti - Zombie 


FREE Fela mp3 in celebration of the continuing reissue of his amazing catalog. Here's the science:

"September 14, Knitting Factory Records will release the third set of Fela reissues. This portion of the reissues series, entitled "Zombie" in celebration of Fela's most well known song, spans the years 1976 - 1980. Containing 11 albums, this period of Fela's storied career saw his Kalakuta Republic increasingly under siege from the Nigerian government, and the clear rise of his vitriol as it fermented into scathing musical diatribes. 13 CDs and 23 albums have already been re-released this year through this landmark reissue series, and the reaction has been rapturous as Fela's music continues to find new audiences every day.

The titles that are being released are:
Zombie (1976)
Upside Down (1976) / Music of Many Colours (1980)
Stalemate (1977) / Fear Not For Man (1977)
Opposite People (1977) / Sorrow, Tears and Blood (1977)
Shuffering & Shmiling (1978) / No Agreement (1977)
V.I.P. (1979) / Authority Stealing (1980)

"What's fascinating about Fela's music at this point is the dichotomy between the music and the message," says Brian Long of Knitting Factory Records. "Out of context, these songs are incredibly upbeat and full of the hottest African funk, while in the context of Fela's life, when you read the lyrics and know the story, they are full of frustration and a fiery anger that was meant to lift the people into protest.""

Get ya mp3:

Fela Kuti - Zombie [direct mp3 download - right click and save as]

Fela online - website | twitter | facebook | myspace


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