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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rob Ford's Transportation Plan: A Road to Nowhere? 

Just watch this video: this dude is the leading candidate in Toronto mayoral campaign and despite major flaws, will likely become the city's new mayor come October 25.

Torontoist on the plan:

"Though we fully expect and look forward to multiple eviscerations of its details in the forthcoming days, in the interim let us just say that this is an astonishing bit of fiction which demonstrates little grasp of transit policy, government relations, or basic arithmetic."

The Toronto Star on the plan:

"The only saving grace of Ford’s transportation policy is that it is so fundamentally flawed it’s unlikely to ever go into effect, even if he is elected. But in pursuing his plan, Ford could appreciably delay implementation of Transit City."

Download Rob Ford's Transportation Plan HERE. [direct PDF download]

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