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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

New Music: Incomparable Shakespeare - Squeeze Radio 5th Anniversary Cipher with John Robinson & Torae 


Via the Incomparable Shakespeare:

"What up folks? It's week 6 of my "New Music Tuesdays", and I've decided to do something slightly different. This past weekend, Fat Beats, which was a pillar of underground hip-hop, closed its doors. To commemorate its legacy and the spirit of emceeing, here's a rare cipher from a radio appearance alongside John Robinson and Torae. I've been on a bunch of radio shows and in a ton of ciphers, but this one was special. There was a genuine synergy and camaraderie between us. You can hear it in the adlibs and the reactions to the verses. I encourage everyone to track down the entire cipher because it was NUTSO. Every round got progressively crazier, and it was an amazing showcase of lyricism.

Little gems like this will be featured on my mixtape, The Remedial Course: Class Is Back In Session."

Check it:

John Robinson, Torae & The Incomparable Shakespeare - Squeeze Radio 5th Anniversary Cipher Round 1 [mp3 download link]

Real hip hop - take a minute and soak that in.....

Previously on The Kitchen:

Watch the Incomparable Shakespeare - "Hometown" music video feat. Adele HERE.

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