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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Mixtape: Manifesto x The Main Ingredient x DJ Mensa present Bilal: A Best Mix 

Bilal, DJ Mensa, Plug Research, Photobucket

Bilal, DJ Mensa, Plug Research, Photobucket

Another 'Main Ingredients'-related project...

This mix was prepared by DJ Mensa in honor of Bilal's show for the Manifesto Festival here in Toronto last night but due to illness (asthma, I believe), his appearance was canceled. The show still went on, turned into a free concert featuring Slakah the Beatchild. I'm a big fan of his and was thinking of going, but I'm wild tired and have sh-t to do tomorrow and didn't wanna come in late and f-ck my morning up. Instead, I'm enjoying this mix as I wind down for the night....

Manifesto x The Main Ingredient present Bilal: A Best Mix [direct mp3 download - right click and save as please!]

Track list:

?uestlove Speaks…
Something To Hold On To
For You
Fast Lane
Bring 2
You’re All I Need (Just Like Heaven)
High & Dry (with Pete Kuzma)
Love It (LP & 9th Wonder Remix)
Reminisce (feat. Mos Def)
Remember (with J. Dilla)
Dontstop (with Musiq)
It’s Your World (with Common)
The 6th Sense (with Common)
Play Your Cards Right (with Common)
Certified (with Guru & J. Dilla)
Waiting For The DJ (with Talib Kweli)
I Can’t Wait (with Jaguar Wright)
Cheeba (with Shafiq Husayn)
Star *69 (with Common)
Sweet Sour You (with SA-RA)
All That I Am (Something For The People)
Hands Of Time
Master Blaster (with Dresden Soul Symphony)
All Matter (LP Version)
All Matter (Robert Glasper Version)
PHONTE Speaks…
Best Friend (with Tweet)
All For Love
DWELE Speaks…
Soul Sista

DJ Mensa online - twitter | facebook | myspace

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