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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

LA Records present a Mix Tape by Eastern Conference Champions! 

Eastern Conference Champions

Not so much a DJ mixtape per se but a cool digital mix tape (in the original, non-hip hop sense of the term) of good music across a few different genres - y'know: kind of like how The Kitchen does it! Check it:

Track list:
01. Tom Waits “Hang Down Your Head”
02. Illinois “Swimsuit”
03. Cee-Lo “Closet Freak”
04. Daniel Lanois “Frozen”
05. The Dead Weather “Gasoline”
06. OutKast
 “Rosa Parks”
07. Otis Redding “Dock of the Bay”
08. The Who
”A Quick One While He’s Away”
09. Built to Spill “Carry the Zero”

Read the interview with the group HERE.

Eastern Conference Champions online - website

[via L.A. Record]

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