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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jailed Toronto Gang Leader's Prison Freestyle Causes An Uproar 

Phoned-in freestyles from jail are old hat in the US but I guess they're more of a novelty up here in the

"Tyshan Riley is the purported leader of the Galloway Boys, a gang in Scarborough, and in 2009, he and two others were convicted of first-degree murder in the 2004 shooting that killed one man and left another seriously injured.

In a YouTube video called GREE$Y MONEY Freestyle From Jail, Riley can be heard rapping about cocaine and slinging “bricks the size of the cushion on yo’ couch.” According to the video’s description, “Gree$y Money who is serving a Life Sentence spits a verse from prison for CokeKey$ Car’tel’s mixtape M.H.F. (Metro Housing Flow).”"

Read the full article via Metro.

In case you're still wondering who Riley is though, I covered the book, Bad Seeds: The True Story of Toronto's Galloway Boys Street Gang by Betsy Powell about his gang last week.


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