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Monday, September 27, 2010

Is Reema Major the New Nicki Minaj and the Next MC to Blow Out the 


"Are you kidding? Me? Go back to making calls??!"

Apparently this 16 year old female MC from Toronto has got major labels down in the US and up here in Canada going NUTS when, out the blue, she recently got named to spit in one the BET Hip Hop Awards Ciphers this year. How'd that happen??! No matter, it's a good thing to see local talent getting that kind of platform of exposure no matter how random its genesis.

From what I'm being told, the feeling is that she could be the next Nicki Minaj. The next one??! Doesn't Nicki Minaj have be the first one by legitimatizing her own hype and current off-charts buzz by actually achieving some success on the back of her own album release before there can be a next one?? On the other hand, I'm glad labels finally think there's a future in female MC's again and I guess for that, we should acknowledge what Nicki has done to date, regardless!

As for this "Swaggberry" song - it's been banged pretty hard since July or so up here in the on Flow 93.5 and I think it could be a legit crossover hit single a la Cali Swag's "Teach Me How to Dougie" with the right team behind it. RIM might be (cleverly) running with a pretty extensive ad campaign for their ubiquitous Blackberry smartphone line touting it's BBM app, but this record might do more to extend it's growing popularity within the younger set at the expense of the iphone than any traditional ad campaign. Like I said on twitter a couple weeks back: they might owe Reema's label, G7 a check if that happens!

<a href="">JJ Money ft Reema Major - Swaggberry by G7 Records Promo</a>
JJ Money feat. Reema Major - Swaggberry [direct mp3 download link]

For more on Reema Major, click HERE.

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