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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shirley Sherrod and the Race Issue Run Amok in the US (Again!) 

Apparently the Right Wing Blogosphere went crazy yesterday when an edited version of the above video of USDA Georgia official, Shirley Sherrod addressing a local chapter of the NCAA purportedly showing her to be a 'racist' went viral.

Watch the video though, in particular around the 16:30 mark which is where you can watch the full unedited part of her words that were taken out of context by Andrew Breibart's Big Government blog. Of course, the reality of Sherrod's word was far less sinister (read: the total opposite of what was being alleged). Sadly though, even the NCAA, who hosted the event where this 'scandal' all kicked off in the first place, and allegedly the White House got caught up in the BS.

The Tea Party and wingnuts must have been doing a jig when this bogus-ass story broke and the spotlight was temporarily off their f-ckery though. Amazingly, they are now even attacking the NCAA for having joined in their witch-hunt condemning Sherrod's supposed bigotry. *Smdh...*


USDA reconsiders firing of Ga. official over speech on race. [AJC]

Ousted USDA official: I'm not sure I'd take job back.... [MSNBC]

[video via NAACP]

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