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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Every track from Famous' Goddess Girl Short Film Project 

Goddess Girl,Burd and Keyz,Famous

Posted not only because Famous is gonna be on the Independent's Day mixtape project but because the soundtrack to his Goddess Girl short film project was scored by the up-and-coming local production duo Burd and Keyz one half of which, Anthony “Durty Keyz” James passed away in a way untimely and premature and as yet unexplained manner the same day as the legendary old school MC and graf artist, Ramellzee. Rest in power to the both of them. In the meantime, check out all the tracks* from the Goddess Girl soundtrack:

- "The Declaration"

- "I Wanna Know Your Name" feat. Oh!

- "Screwface Rap"

- "Hater's Eulogy"

- "The Declaration"

- "Time To Decide"

- "Fresh Cut"

- "Intermission" feat. Luu Breeze & Oh!

- "How It's Gotta Be" feat. Kim Davis


Goddess Girl - website | Famous -
website | twitter

* NOTE: All tracks produced by Burd & Keyz and zshare stream/download mp3 links.

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