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Monday, June 21, 2010

Two Tracks by David Banner: Who's That (The Mixtape Song) / Slow Down 

David Banner

First a track from Banner's upcoming MTA3: The Trinity Movement album:

David Banner - 'Who's That (The Mixtape Song)' [mp3 audio stream]

Then this track from the Death of a Pop Star project with 9th Wonder which is kind of old (did this project ever come out??), but I missed posting it but always dug it, so here it is now:

David Banner - 'Slow Down' [mp3 audio stream]

Shout to the homie, Banner who I also happened to bump into when I was checking my dude, Sledge in NY a couple weeks back. He's still getting those movie checks too so don't worry about him, please believe it....

[mp3's via Traps N Trunks and Rap Radar]


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