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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Purple Skies on a Sunday Evening: Introducing New Artist Michelle Shaprow 

Michelle Shaprow,Purple Skies

It been a good few months here at The Kitchen for showcasing quality unsigned vocalists. First it was Alex Boyd a couple months back, then Tanika Charles and just on Friday I introduced you to Cilla K. Now comes Michelle Shaprow. Funny thing is, this had actually been sent to my dropbox a while back and I didn't really pay it full attention. Turns out a good friend, Colin is working with her and emailed me about her last week. When I finally checked out the music on her website, I was pretty impressed! I won't even hold the fact that she went to Yale against her!

All jokes aside though, this girl kind of has it all: she's a little bit soul a little bit pop, she beautiful, has a great voice and can write songs that are actually songs! You know: with melody, choruses, bridges and hooks - the stuff that gets you on the radio, turns into hit records and helps build the kind of stars that will really save the music industry and transcend all the f-ckery that is music-on-the-internet. Time will tell if this girl can become one of those artists in the end but I wouldn't bet against her....

Michelle Shaprow - Back Down To Earth

Michelle Shaprow - Floating On The Moon

Hear more music from her forthcoming Purple Skies streaming on her website HERE and on her Soundcloud page HERE.


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