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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

New Music: John Robinson & Lewis Parker - International Summers 

Lewis parker,John Robinson

Been super-busy recently and its not likely to change any time soon so I probably won't be posting quite as much stuff as I have over the past year but gonna try and post stuff like this still 'cos the homie, Adonis said cats appreciate the more obscure names they see on The Kitchen and can get the Drake, Wayne, Jay-Z, T.I. big-name stuff anywhere. Anyway, with trips to NYC looking to become more of a regular occurrence over the next few months, "International Summers" seems like a perfect track to kick off some posts with....

<a href="">International Summers by Project: Mooncircle</a>

The First Single and title track from the new album dropping July 2nd on 2LP/CD/DIGITAL + Limited Edition Cassette (yeah!) on PROJECT MOON:CIRCLE records.

Download it via the bandcamp player above or click HERE.

Sidebar, wasn't Lewis Parker the rapper down with Massive Attack back in the day?


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