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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Music: Gina & Tony - Big Bang Love EP 


This has been out a hot second but The Kitchen is not bound by timelines and release schedules! Check out a couple versions of the track "Big Bang Love" from the 5-track EP of the same name by Gina & Tony featuring remixes by The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Andrès Garcia, Fortuna and POL available everywhere now.

Gina & Tony - 'Big Bang Love (original version)' [mp3 streaming audio]

Gina & Tony - Big Bang Love (Phenomenal Handclap Band Remix) [mp3 download]

Dig what you hear? Cop the wax (hey!) for the whole EP HERE or get the digital version on itunes HERE.

[mp3's courtesy Nic U]

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