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Friday, June 11, 2010

New Music: Estelle feat. Nas - Fall in Love 

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A little too close in sound and format to her breakthrough smash "American Boy" but I think this will probably work anyway - its the perfect theme song for the soundtrack to your upcoming summer. Check it....

Estelle feat. Nas
- 'Fall in Love' [mp3 audio stream]

I've got mad music I wanna post but little time, energy or motivation to get to it, especially with my super-slow bullsh-t ass computers. Not that I think people give a f-ck one way or another anyway, frankly. One blog disappears or stops posting on a regular basis and cats make like Jay-Z and are on to the next one. Sadly what could have been a new medium for fresh voices and points of view I fear has become a straight commodity/volume exercise that's (mostly) just another method for the music industry to try and force their bullsh-t down people's throats. Pardon my rant, I'm just in that kind of a mood right now - have a good weekend!

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