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Friday, May 14, 2010

The Three Faces of Producer Zaytoven 

Zaytoven Presents The Eragance - "I Feel Like"

Zaytoven Presents The Eragance - "Tell Me You Love Me"

Gloss - "Bomb Beat From Zay" (prod. by Zaytoven, natch!)

Seriously, this dude, Zaytoven is an enigma f'real!!! Here are three recent videos by him (all swiped from Traps N Trunks) none of which is anything like the other either visually or musically!

How come blogs like The FADER, Noz or Them Shrimp Boys aren't slavishly dissecting this cat's work like they have other other producers from the South, the UK, Brazil or other locales they deem exotic and worthy of obsessive examination as curios?? Or maybe they are?

See more on Zaytoven's YouTube Channel. Follow him on twitter HERE.


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