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Friday, May 07, 2010

New Music: Awkword - Notes From A Different Kitchen (Blog Rap) 


A theme song for The Kitchen??! Well... not quite, but I've said it before, shameless pandering and name-dropping will get you everywhere! Check it:


... we goin in!...

im a model minority, bring the challengers in /
correcting combat jack's daily math, with dallas's pen / (wooohah!)
pardon me duke, my gorilla arms stay swinging /
clips or kisses, these are notes from a different kitchen.

im a street poet, spittin, naked with socks on /
stand for the grand good, not just a hot song / (wooohah!)
pardon me duke, my ruby hornet stay stinging /
those two words, are notes from a different kitchen.

2dopeboyz, unkut, on smash /
white shadow, awkword, beats and rants /
in the smoking section, ask miss info to dance /
i got cocaine blunts and hip hop tapes in my pants /
east coast critics are biased, so they say /
but we been cloud kickers, since back in the day /
its not all 4 arrogance, i got poisonous paragraphs /
and fraud's 38th notes, embarrass that ass /
you got elite taste?, and every chicks a fiya starter? /
oh word, okay player, nah right, dont bother /
im sicka than average, youre something like a rapper /
go paint the world pink, youre just a nod factor /
im the calm and the kaos effect, day in the lyfe /
work harder, up north trips, to dr. jay's live /
real talk ny, sucker free, that real ish /
mbc digi, necole bitchie even feel this

Awkword - Notes From A Different Kitchen (Blog Rap) [mp3 download]

I appreciate the thought either way, although I guess I gotta give Awkword a pass for not noticing I changed the name of the blog slightly a while ago now and even then, still managed to mangle the original name in the jpeg (above) he sent me to go with the song - or is that some kind of deliberate artistic choice by him and his graphic designer to render the name backwards like that, I wonder? Thanks again though, son - seriouisly! It made my day.

Track produced by The White Shadow out of Norway FYI.

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