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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Introducing New High Society Artist AZAGE - Bars Outbreak 1.5 


<a href="">Countdown by azage</a>

New MC, Azage going in over classic Rocafella beats on his new Bars Outbreak 1.5 mixtape.


1. Countdown 2. Chicago 3. The Truth 4. Philips Arena 5.Canes and Fur Coats 6. Salute 7. Clouds 8. Lights Please 9. Chase 10. Smoke It Alot 11. Creepin (Blend) 12. Aruken 13. Hard 14. Middle Finger (Blend) 15. Miss You 16. A Girl Named Fate 17. East Point 18. Volume 19. Nobody Knows

Ya dig? You can D/L via the Bandcamp player above or HERE. [mediafire download link]

Follow Azage on twitter.

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